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Pack 405Character Counts

Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 405.  We have been proudly bringing a quality scouting program to Upper Dublin youth for over 30 years.  Our pack and den activities emphasize positive character development such as citizenship, honesty, compassion and respect for self & others in a fun, cooperative environment.

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For information concerning PA Child Protective Services  Law, go to the Youth Protection page.

Lord Baden-Powell"You should not be content with sitting down to defend yourselves against evil habits, but should also be active in doing good. By 'doing good' I mean making yourselves useful and doing small kindness' to other people - whether they are friends or strangers.

It is not a difficult matter, and the best way to set about it is to make up your mind to do at least one 'good turn' to somebody every day, and you will soon get into the habit of doing good turns always.

It does not matter how small the 'good turn' may be - even if it is only to help an old woman across the street, or to say a good word for somebody who is being badly spoke of. The great thing is to do something."

- Robert Baden-Powell: Founder of the World Scout Movement, Chief Scout of the World